Anna Israel, 31 years old, was born in Boston (USA) and lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. She is an artist, and also writes about art theory, based on the method and work of Rubens Espírito Santo. 


A year before receiving her bachelor's degree in fine arts, by FAAP, she went in search of a broader platform to study art, thus becoming a member in 2010 of the Atelier do Centro Conglomerate, and student of RES. 


She has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil; in 2010, she began her "expanded art collection", Coleção Anna Israel, where she juxtaposes works by people such as the artist Joseph Beuys, the hungarian filosofer Lajos Szabó, the brazilian mathematician Artur Ávila, as well as a room dedicated to her collection of today approximately 800 notebooks of Rubens Espírito Santo. 


Today Anna gives a course to 10 women on philosophy and art.