Arte como Respiro

(Art as Breath)


2020 / Sculpture

“The piece is expelled from a technical place to an unknown place, being, therefore, a fusion of immanence and transcendence.” 


CCS, about the sculpture ODRADEK by Rubens Espírito Santo


Photography by Rafael Chvaicer e Ana Viotti ©

divulgacao capa 3.jpg


2019 / Book

"The book Méthodo RES = Pedagogy + Plastic + Philosophy is an excerpt from the work of Rubens Espírito Santo (or RES) made by his disciple Lila Loula. RES, 54 years old, is an artist, thinker and pedagogue who has maintained an atelier for 20 years in downtown São Paulo where he produces his works and also guides not only artists but people in search of spiritual development."

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